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Urgent: All Agents Selling Unicare, Anthem BCBS and/or Empire BCBS Medicare Advantage for 2009

We got word TODAY, September 29th, that Unicare, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be requiring brokers to complete a supplemental agreement in order to continue selling their plans.  THIS CONTRACT NEEDS TO BE RETURNED (VIA FAX) BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd.  No, that’s not a typo, this Friday is the deadline.

I’m attaching a copy of the contract addendums for each of the three companies.  They are password protected, so Insurance Agents registered with Ritter Insurance Marketing should know the password or they can call our office.  If you are an insurance agent and would like to register with us, you can do it here.

You can fax the addendum to our toll free licensing fax, or fax THE LAST PAGE ONLY of the contract to the fax number on the last page of the addendum.  Please notify us that you have completed the contract addendum if you don’t fax it directly to us so that we can update our records that you have completed the “recontracting” requirement.

Recall that the Wellpoint companies require AHIP certification for 2009, you can find the requirements here.  “Click on Wellpoint”.




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