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If you are an insurance agent in the Medicare Advantage market, you need to align yourself with an IMO who understands that Medicare Advantage Sales Leads will be KING in 2009.

I will address each point in detail in future posts, but here is a brief overview:

  1. Telemarketing will be banned.  You will no longer be able to “dial for dollars” in the Medicare Advantage market in 2009.
  2. Acquisition Costs will Escalate.  Without the ability to telemarketing, ad dollars will move to TV, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail and Internet leads, escalating the cost of these leads.
  3. Reporting is key.  Since the value of each lead will be much higher, Insurance companies will want to know, almost instantly, what’s going on with the leads they generate for brokers.
  4. Commissions will be levelized.  This will likely happen in 2009.  Level commissions will mean that you will not see wide differences in commissions that companies pay.  Companies will, however, be able to differentiate themselves with sales leads for agents.
  5. Time is short.  With a 6 week window during the Annual Enrollment Period, an insurance company can’t wait for 2-3 weeks to hear back on sales results.  Lead turn times will be measured in hours or days, not weeks.

Ritter Insurance Marketing understands this and we’ve already put an Online Lead portal to allow us to INSTANTLY distribute leads.  When our agents update the disposition of sales leads, we know it INSTANTLY.

To view our online lead portal, simply register at our AGENT GATEWAY.  You can record lead information, track statuses, update dispositions, next step dates, appointment dates, sales dates, product sold, company sold, etc.  This is a free service to you and this is why many Insurance Companies are looking to Ritter Insurance Marketing to handle the distribution of their Sales Leads to brokers who are licensed with Ritter Insurance Marketing!

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