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Patients receiving Medicaid must still use their own incomes to pay nursing-home bills.

From the Wall Street Journal

Even after Medicaid coverage kicks in, nursing-home residents — and sometimes their estates — must contribute to the cost of care.” Even though “Medicaid will pick up as much as 100 percent of an indigent resident’s nursing-home bill if necessary, those with income,” including Social Security and annuity payments, “must effectively split the cost with the government.” For single patients, “all…income goes to the nursing home, except a personal needs allowance of $30 or so a month for extras like haircuts and toiletries,” and “Medicaid pays the facility the difference.” For married patients, a spouse living outside of a nursing home is “entitled to keep a minimum of $1,750 a month (as of July 1) from [the couple’s] combined income,” with the rest going to the facility. And if patients fall behind on needed payments from their income, nursing homes “may evict residents, including Medicaid residents.”

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